Your business has to have a dumpster enclosure if it has a dumpster. That’s the law here in Houston.

But that doesn’t mean your dumpster enclosure has to be boring or unattractive. We build attractive dumpster enclosures which enhance your property’s curb appeal.

Here are a few examples of other dumpster enclosures we’ve built:

IMG 1390 Custom Security Fence

Dumpster Enclosure Costs

Get competitive pricing from Custom Security Fence & Iron Works. The specific quote will depend on the materials and options you choose.

For security, we recommend a brick enclosure with a pair of steel gates which can be locked with a padlock. The gates and the enclosure walls should be high enough to not only block the view of the dumpster enclosure from the street or parking lot but to keep intruders out, too.

When you close both the dumpster lids and your enclosure this setup does a pretty good job of blocking smells, too. Chain link gates are an option, but only if it your enclosure sits at the correct angle to ensure the dumpster is still not visible from “a person standing at grade level on any part of the right-of-way of a public street.”

Other factors would be:

Whether there’s an existing brick or concrete structure on the property (i.e., we’re just putting a gate on).

Whether the structure is meant to hold one dumpsters or two.

Whether you choose a chain link fence or a metal fence.

Why Choose Custom Security Fence & Iron Works for Your Dumpster Enclosure?

Even though you’ll get a competitive price from us, our company isn’t the cheapest out there, but we do promise to give you are best!. And we’re aware a dumpster enclosure isn’t the most fun or glamorous part of the project but you will be happy with the outcome and appeal. So why choose us?

  • Get your enclosure as promised (weather permitting) and on-budget.
  • Work with people who are as professional as you are.
  • Receive high-quality work.
  • Get guidance and recommendations you can trust.

We take steps to minimize or eliminate any disruption construction of your enclosure might otherwise cause your business.

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