Chain Link Fence and Gates
When you just need to protect your property, a chain link fence is one of the most cost-effective ways to get it done.
  • Great for large, rural properties where security, not aesthetics, are the concern.
  • Create enclosures to keep pets and children safe.
  • Ideal when you need to get a fence up fast—chain link fence takes less time to get up than any other kind of fencing on the market.
  • Perfect when you’ve got a huge space to enclose.

Chain link fences can also make easy, cost-effective trellises. Chain link fences offer a sturdy climbing surface for roses, morning glories, or any other kind of climbing plant or vine. We’ve seen chain link fences form the skeleton for glorious plant hedges that quickly become the envy of their neighborhoods.

Chain Link Fence Options

The basic design of the chain link fences doesn’t change much, but you still have some options.

  • Thicker materials or thinner? – One is more durable and secure, the other is more cost-effective.
  • Standard fence top or security fence top? – While most urban homeowners don’t opt to put barbed wire atop their chain-link fences, ranchers and other rural homeowners might have reason to consider it.
  • Color-coating – Basic chain link fencing too industrial for you? Try color coated chain link to give this fence more personality. A black color coating can look especially classy.
  • Privacy options – A chain link fence doesn’t have to mean giving up your privacy. We have a variety of options to make your chain link fence hard to see through, including meshes and weaves that make the fence look, at a distance, as if it’s made from solid colored panels.

We’ll be happy to go over all your options with you so you can design a fence that meets your needs.

Chain Link Fence Longevity

Longevity vs. cost is another reason why some homeowners just prefer to go with a chain link. You can expect your chain link fence to last 15 to 20 years.

While this isn’t quite the same lifelong value offered by an iron fence, it is more durable than a wooden one. For some, perhaps even for you, 15 to 20 years easily represents the amount of time many homeowners would expect to be on any given piece of property.